A complete fitness system for your mind & body.

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Tao of Strength is a philosophy dedicated to empowering every human to embrace fitness that benefits their mind and body.

At ToS you’ll find education, motivation and options for coaching.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to embrace fitness in every part of your life and to make fitness more accessible and achievable by you.

Most Recent Articles

Texting Thumb and How to Fix It

So you’ve you been stuck at home for months nope, working from home and doom scrolling in your spare time and you notice that you’re thumb hurts like hell. Or maybe you’ve been noticing some numbness or tingling just north of your thumb joint. Well congratulations you just may have “Texting Thumb”. What is Texting… Read More »Texting Thumb and How to Fix It

Easy Grilled Romaine

Easy Grilled Romaine Yes! You read the correctly, grilled lettuce. And yes! it IS super delicious. So get hip and get after it, Preheat grill and grease the grate. Cut you roaming head in half. Drizzle with olive and season with pinch of salt, pepper, and herbs (if you like, if not, no biggie…) Plus… Read More »Easy Grilled Romaine

Super Easy Roasted Vegetables

Super Easy Roasted Veggies This is actually one of my favorite go to recipes. It takes seconds to prepare and is basically a “fire and forget” method of making crazy delicious vegetables that everyone will enjoy. I generally use broccoli & cauliflower for this recipe, but you can easily add or swap different squash, bell… Read More »Super Easy Roasted Vegetables

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